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Top EU regions in terms of GDP in 2007- Source: Eurostat

Company headquarters by metropolitan region in 2010- Source: Fortune Magazine – Global 500 companies

Paris connected to the world- Source : PREDA

Paris Region: Key Figures 2011.

April 2011

Every year, the Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA), the Paris -Ile-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CRCI) and the Paris Region Urban Planning & Development Agency (IAU île-de-France) publish the latest key figures for Paris region, one of the world’s leading economic regions.
This document draws on the latest available published data. Paris Region Key Figures 2011 is a guide providing you with the statistics and maps you need when:

  • evaluating Paris region’s offer within the wider French and European environment,
  • gathering detailed information for your market research relating to potential investment projects in Paris region.

We hope that this booklet will enable you to discover the exceptional potential of Paris region, highlighting its unique dynamism and diversity.

The PREDA also provides a great deal more information on its website and will be delighted to help you to locate and develop your business in Paris region.

The CRCI coordinates the region’s network of four chambers of commerce and industry, advising and supporting businesses and offering a wide range of products and services relating to start-ups, innovation, economic intelligence, international development and training:

The IAU île-de-France continually monitors trends within Paris region, and in relation to international developments. Its website offers a range of information including databases and interactive maps.

Welcome to Paris region!

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Paris Region key data

  • 12,012 sq km (4,638 sq mi), 8 départements, 1,281 municipalités
  • 11,746,000 inhabitants (as at 01-01-2009) i.e. 19% of the French population and 29 % of the French national GDP. Population density in 2009: 978 inhab/sq km
  • 617,300 students in 2009-2010. Paris region has the highest concentration of higher education students in the EU.
  • Employment in public and private research in 2008: 143,800.
  • GDP in 2009 (million E): 552,100. GDP per inhabitant in 2009: E 47,000
  • Exports in 2009 (million E): 55,700
  • Imports in 2009 (million E): 105,600
  • Total number of jobs (salaried + non salaried) in 2008: 5,957,000. Unemployment rate (3rd quarter 2010): 8.2%
  • Jobs created by FDI in 2009: 8,300
  • Number of companies in 2009: 752,100
  • Number of businesses in 2009: 814,600
  • Business creations in 2009: 130,500. Business closures in 2009: 10,200
  • Airport traffic in 2009: 83,000,000 passengers.
    • International high-speed train traffic in 2009: 17,000,000 passengers
  • 61 million tourists in 2008. Tourist spending reached €17 billion in 2009. 
    • 510,000 jobs in the tourism sector and 67,000 tourism businesses.
  • Office space in 2010: 50,000,000 sq m